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Dear Friend, GREETINGS to you!

I love December because it's a time of celebration right into the new year.

This means that most of us (yes, me too), tend to overeat and in the process, thickening the waistline. If you enjoy celebrating like me, your new year's outlook may be "to lose some extra unwanted pounds".

Let me suggest to you that you CAN actually lose some weight and stay in great shape with functional training. As I see it, planning correctly can help reduce your unwanted body fat, increase your lean muscle mass and burn calories more efficiently. Learning how to build muscle also protects your joints from injury and boosts your stamina. The benefits of proper functional strength training to everyday life activities are enormous and many.

I often hear from my site visitors that they "used to enjoy physical exercise but have forgotten to take care of their bodies needs until they have seen my website, thus their joy of exercise is renewed". Let this newsletter be that constant reminder to you to continue to "LISTEN TO YOUR BODY'S NEEDS", and to hold your hand in your walk to a healthier lifestyle.

The hottest phrase in the strength and fitness industry today is functional training. This training philosophy focuses on the development of movement strength, not just muscle strength. It is the philosophy for you....!

The Purpose Of Functional Training

The purpose of Functional Training is to improve performance. Therefore, all training that improves performance is by definition functional. Now, since the concept of "Functional Training" is driven by the concept of specificity, it refers to the training that is most specific to the target activity. No matter how you choose to look at it, just know this - functional training will help you tap into the "Wisdom" of your body!

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"Nutrition" - The Most Important Part Of Functional Training

The quality of food that you allow to enter into your body will determine the health of every cell and organ. Allowing the proper foods to dominate your diet can help the body in its efforts to build muscle, lose unwanted pounds, heal itself, and in some cases, particular foods can strengthen the immune system and lessen the risks of serious illness.

Feeding your body the best nutrition is the foundation of good health first and foremost. The truth is, many people are inconsistent, negligent, and downright lazy when it comes right down to it. But as far as optimizing nutrition and its benefits, consistency is 100% needed. In order to be successful and productive, it is necessary for you to give your body what it needs. So listen very carefully!

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How To Take A Proactive Approach To Healthy Weight Loss

If you are reading this, then you are serious about taking a proactive weight loss approach. In our eat-and-run, massive-portion-sized world, maintaining a healthy weight can be hard enough, and healthy weight loss can be a real struggle. Adding to the difficulty is the abundance of fad diets and “quick-fix” plans that tempt and confuse us and ultimately usually do not work.

Let's get real for just a moment. Over the years of developing and refining my training methods, by far the biggest request for me has been unwanted weight loss. Most of the people that are looking for healthy weight loss solutions are those who have a full time job or school, are raising a family, and can rarely afford the time needed to be successful with their fat loss efforts. I can relate to the "limited time" factor. Therefore, we need to look at training programs in a more efficient manner and focus on our time available first - programming based on that.

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Functional Training Equipment Will help Create Better Performance
For Your Sport... For Everyday Life...

I believe using the best functional training equipment will help give your body the correct strength to use. My performance training experience has taught me that THE HUMAN BODY IS DESIGNED FOR MOVEMENT. Learn how to Perform Bettter with the best functional training equipment that will help you with the demands of your training efforts. One of the keys to successful functional training lay in choosing the right equipment and using it properly. Functional training will create better performance in any sport, everyday life activities or rehabilitation situation. After all, what is the point of having all the strength and flexibility in the world if you can't use it! This training philosophy should be used for all populations, regardless of performance needs. Because of this...

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"So many people spend their health gaining wealth. Then they spend their wealth to regain their health"
A.J. Reb Materi

Much Success!!

Robert Nelson

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