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We at STE are excited about Super Bowl XLV! Yes, it is that time of year again - "Super Bowl Sunday" 45 years of great traditions, memories of great fun, heartache, and mounds of great tasting food, all jammed into one special day. Whether you are a loyal fan to the American Football Conference Champion Pittsburgh Steeler Nation waiving your "Terrible Towels" or a National Football Conference Champion Green Bay Packers Football Fanatics lifetime member wearing your famous "Cheese Head" foam head gear, we all share one thing in common: THE NEED TO BE HEALTHIER.

I know that there will be traditional tailgate parties every where, family and friends over at Uncle Bob's house for the big game, and your states local tavern cheering for their favorite team. We all will indulge in the once a year ribs, steaks, and the monster diabetic coma dessert (yes, even me), with no yellow flags being thrown by any of the games officials. As I see it, 1 day out of 365 days is ok to indulge. Now for the other 364 days - Yes, THE NEED TO BE HEALTHIER should be your goal.

This months newsletter will have some great ideas to share about being healthier on a day-to-day bases. So, strap it up and get your game faces on because it is your time to win!!!

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Curb Appetite and Prevent Overeating

Are you looking for something to help curb your appetite and prevent overeating? Who isn’t nowadays? Especially with food being more available and more tasty than ever, and with no end in sight to it. Well, the answer to your challenging quest is really quite simple – and it tastes good too! Plus, it provides your body with nutrients it needs anyways, all while helping you maintain lean body tissue and boosting your metabolism. What is this special nutrient? Read on to find out. And ladies, pay particular attention, because this one’s especially for you.

In our country's world’s “Battle of the Bulge”, researchers on every continent are looking for ways to help us crave less food and burn more calories. It would make sense to just make less addicting food and focus more on wholesome, natural foods, but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon; not if most food manufacturers have anything to say about it anyways. However, one of the techniques we can consciously employ to get a better handle on our raging appetites, is modifying our macronutrient composition. What does that mean exactly?

Well, based off a growing number of research investigations, diets high in protein foods are shown to greatly increase our satiety compared to foods high in carbohydrates and/or fats. These high protein foods include items like eggs, fish, poultry and dairy products. Out of all these, one of the most effective for curbing appetite is dairy-derived whey protein.

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People Should Have
Choices When It Comes To
"Quality Nutrition"

"Highest Quality Fuel Made From The Purest Ingredients"

Health & Fitness Supplements At Their Best! Prograde Nutrition was not only founded by fitness professionals, it’s only available through fitness professionals. Believe us, you don’t want an uneducated store clerk earning minimum wage (plus commission we might add) selling you junk you don’t need. Or worse, selling you something dangerous. The fitness professionals who sell Prograde only care about one thing: YOU! Have you come looking for magic pills and quick fixes? Sorry, as fitness professionals we know quick fixes don't exist. Chances are, if you found us you’ve come to that realization, too.

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Is It Necessary To Take
Weight Loss Nutrition Supplements
To Be Healthy?

The simplest answer is "YES" because most people eat a poor diet. Studies show that the average diet in the US consists of too much fat, too much sugar, not enough fiber and not enough fresh fruits and vegetables. We are eating plenty of calories, but they are often "empty" calories, meaning that they have very low levels of the essential vitamins and minerals we need to stay healthy. Since the majority of meals in the US are currently eaten in restaurants or "on the run" it makes good sense to take a vitamin supplement to fill in the gaps in our diet.

While it is important to remember the value of a nutritional supplement in maintaining health, we should never think that taking weight loss nutrition supplements replaces a good diet. In other words, the first and by far most important step is to improve the quality of our diet, and then take a supplement as a nutritional insurance policy to make sure we get all we need.

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Attention Personal Trainers & Training Professionals...

I Have Personal Training Resources that will help you make more money online! Yes, that is correct. Training exclusively online and/or support your in-person clients through your own Fitness Generator Technology. Get new clients and retain more of the ones you already have without any extra training session time. With the Fitness Generator, you can give your clients an online destination that they want to visit daily -- and for more than just workouts. Your clients will rely on your Fitness Generator technology to help them stay focused every day! And when they rely on you, then they stay with you.

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"The only way you can hurt the body is not use it. Inactivity is the killer and, remember, it's never too late."

The late Jack LaLanne 1914-2011

Much Success!!

Robert Nelson C.S.C.S., Y.F.S

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