Balance And Stabilization

by Greg
(Washington DC)

"What do I consider to be the most important component in Balance and Stabilization training?" Some of the most important muscles in your body are not involved in producing movement, but instead they provide static, or isometric, contractions. These muscles act as nonstop stabilizers for routine movements as well as high-level sporting activities. Balance and Stabilization training improves the endurance of these muscles and teaches them how to correctly fire in a coordinated fashion.

"What is my favorite Balance and Stabilization exercise and why?" An obstacle course composed of several Airex Balance Pads, and Airex Balance Beam, Balance Steps and PB Disc Pillows is one of my favorie exercises for teach Balance and Stabilization. I have my atletes try to make their way through the course as fast as possible moving forward, backwards, and side-to-side.

"When should you implement Balance and Stabilization into your training program?" I use Balance and Stabilization techniques with every training session. I feel this is a great way to wake up the intrinsic stabilizers of the body and prepare the athlete for more high level exercises.


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