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Circuit Training Routines

Functional Circuit Training routines are one of the most effective ways to combine cardio conditioning with functional strength training. They are absolutely necessary to impliment if you want to successfully improve on short term or long term muscular endurance, maximum strength, and muscular power for all other types of targeted sports and fitness training activities.

It’s now accepted that high levels of strength and improved functional fitness, are a prerequisite to superior speed, power, strength endurance and overall sports health and fitness.

All of your strength and conditioning efforts will be optimal if you incorporate functional circuit training routines. Regardless of the population involved, circuit training provides effective, consistent functional fitness and strength training benefits.

If you are looking to "Supercharge" your metabolism for improved fitness and sports training, Functional circuit training will provide an alternative method of training that is safe, fun, efficient as well as effective. Do you want to:





When developing a circuit training program, a wide variety of exercises and proper functional training equipment is needed to support your efforts. Much of the circuit training equipment needed does not need to be expensive. With the appropriate functional training exercises and equipment, the participant can partake in various cardio-related exercises that enhance motor skills and cardiovascular parameters: weight training exercises that build muscles and bones, calisthenics that improve flexibility and body awareness and balance and stability exercises that enhance postural awareness and body alignment.

Unfortunately, most circuit training programs today fall well short of what a person requires......until now!

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Although functional human movement is the foundation of all performance enhancement, functional circuit training is the most effective way to combine cardio conditioning with functional strength training.