"Complete Speed Training"
Discover A Bold New Approach To Developing Speed and Agility In Today's Athlete

Want to improve your complete speed training efforts?

It’s just a matter of applying simple techniques to your strength and conditioning programs that you’ve probably been overlooking. All you have to do is modify your approach.

Producing incredibly fast and agile athletes isn't as easy as some people make it out to be. But it's not that hard or complex, either.

There is nothing more exciting than to see great speed in action. A simple definition of speed would be the rate at which something is done or occurs.

Another way to look at what is speed is the ability to reach a high velocity of movement in whatever mode of locomotion – running, blocking, jumping, swimming, etc.

Complete speed training isn't about running on treadmills or through ladders. It's about teaching athletes how to move, accelerate and decelerate properly. Sports are multi-directional and varying in speed. Young athletes must be taught how to move efficiently and quickly at angles (not just forward) and be ingrained with the knowledge and ability of how to decelerate (stop) and shift (change directions) as fast as possible. Once you understand that, all you have to know is where to start. Almost every Trainer, Parent, and Coach I know talks about speed and agility from a 'acceleration' perspective. But the reality of speed and agility training is that skills related to DECELERATION are much more valuable and need to be taught and perfected first. If an athlete knows how to stop and change directions well, chances are they will be the quickest player on the field or court.

If you are looking to increase your athletes speed for sports like football, basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, hockey, or any other sport - this website can help! Your athletes need to be quick off the line, first to the ball, faster up field, make razor sharp cuts, react and change directions at a moments notice. The teams with the most speed are always going to have success. The fact that you’re reading this right now tells me that you know this is true and that your athletes are not as fast as you want them to be.

Every coach and athlete wants to experience faster speeds, but that does not mean they are doing effective speed workouts during their practices. Somewhere along the way, many coaches, at every level, began combining speed work and conditioning training as the foundation of their speed development. The result of this has been highly conditioned athletes who compete in sports at the highest performance levels. It’s now accepted that high levels of strength and improved functional fitness, are a prerequisite to superior speed, power, strength endurance and overall sports health and fitness. Unfortunately, most speed training routines of today fall well short of what an athlete requires......until now!

Your Quest For Greater Speed Begins Now!