Stimulate Your Weight Loss

Everyone is looking to lose weight. However, as you and most people have found out, it is harder to lose weight today than it was 60 years ago. In fact, 60 years ago, all you needed to do was add in some activity and make small changes to your diet, and you could see the fat melt away.

Today is a different time and weight loss just isn’t that easy anymore. One reason why weight loss is harder today is because your fat cells may be toxic. Simply put, toxic fat cells are sick fats. They are unable to release powerful hormones which help you lose weight, or your fat cells are resistant to these hormones. This could be due to a number of different things. First, you could have chronic inflammation in your fat cells. This can cause your fat cells to decrease its output of fat burning hormones. However, they do release molecules (bad ones) which may increase inflammation in your fat cells. This inflammation causes your fat cells to release EVEN more pro-inflammatory cytokines, leading to even more inflammation of your fat cells. This then causes your fat cells to slow the release of fat-burning hormones. The result: the fat you eat is stored causing even bigger and more inflamed fat cells. However, breakthrough research shows three areas that you can change that will dramatically improve your weight loss.

Three Fat Loss Mistakes That Are KILLING Your Fat Loss

Fat Loss Blunder #1: How You Eat Is Causing You To Gain Weight

Of course, you know that what you eat can cause you to gain weight. However, when you are on a diet, you may end up cutting calories, or cutting some nutrients that you think are causing you to gain weight. Cutting calories and cutting the nutrients your body needs may cause it to not function properly. This leads to starvation mode which can cause your body to go into panic mode. Once your body is in panic mode (starvation mode), it stops releasing the fat stored in your fat cells and stops the release of leptin (a powerful fat loss hormone). When this happens, your body loses control over its fat-regulating thermostat which then could lead to weight gain. Your body then stores fat from food which ends up filling up the cells until they are bursting at the seams. Then your body creates new fat cells (or sends a signal to other fat cells to start taking in more fat) and stores extra fat for later use. This leads to weight gain, plus it lowers the levels of important hormones (leptin and adiponectin) your body needs to lose weight.

Fat Loss Blunder #2: What You Are Not Doing Is Causing You To Gain Fat

Exercise has always been a way to lose weight. However, it is not the only way. Most people think that weight loss should include going to the gym, spending an hour or more doing cardio, strength training, and then stretching. Including exercise is important, but research shows, to help you lose weight and keep it off, you need to do more than just exercise alone. It has been shown that as a society, we are less physically active today than we were 20 years ago. In fact, it has been shown that even if you exercise, sitting for most of your day can ruin the gains you made by exercising. By adding in a little bit if activity throughout your day, can do wonders for your weight loss. In fact, the more you fidget or move around, the more your fat could release adiponectin (powerful weight loss hormone), which can help boost your metabolism and burn more calories.

Fat Loss Blunder #3: Lack Of Sleep Can Be Causing You To Pack On The Pounds

Sleep could be the biggest contributor to weight loss.

When you are sleeping, your body undergoes a transformation. Sleep is a time when your body repairs damaged tissue and tries to return your cells back to normal (homeostasis). However, sleeping not only helps repair and stimulate growth of muscle tissue, it can also help you to release leptin, which communicates with your brain about the state of your fat cells. Sleeping less could decrease circulating levels of leptin. This causes your body to think you are hungry, even though you aren’t. Plus, lacking sleep raises cortisol levels which can contribute to weight gain, further throwing your hormones out of whack. Maintaining adequate sleep could stimulate weight loss, and give you an added advantage over your toxic fat cells.

Stimulate Your Weight Loss

It may be harder for you to lose weight today than it was when your grandparents were younger. However, by fixing these three areas, you could stimulate the release of powerful hormones which may help you burn unwanted fat stores. This has the ability for you to get the trim, tone figure you have been looking for. More importantly, you will be able to KEEP your new body for years to come.

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