Eat Slow To Lose Weight

Eat Slow To Lose Weight

There are plenty of reasons why you gain weight.

And there are also plenty of ways to lose weight.

But did you know that you can LOSE WEIGHT faster by how fast you EAT?

That’s right, the way you eat also plays a very large role in weight gain!

Let me explain…

How Our Bodies Work

When food enters our stomach, it gets broken down by acids in the mouth and stomach.

This acid turns the food into mush so it is easier to enter your intestines and allows for the nutrients to transfer over.

When food enters the stomach, a signal is sent to the brain that lets your brain know there is food in there.

The only problem: it takes 20 minutes for YOUR body to let the brain know it is FULL!

This can be a VERY BIG problem.

Quick Vs. Slow Eaters

If you are a quick eater, what happens when you are done with your meal?

You are still hungry, right?

What happens then? You overindulge and take second, or even third, helpings!

Recently, it has been PROVEN that eating slower actually may make you SKINNIER!

The Skinny On Eating Slowly

Researchers from the University of Rhode Island studied the effects of eating speed and energy intake.

The results will leave you in AWE!

The quick eaters took in an average of 645 calories while the slow eaters took in considerably less calories.

Slow eaters only took in 579 calories.

Quick eaters also decreased their water intake compared to the slow eaters.

Quick eaters averaged 289g of water while slow eaters took in 409g!

Drinking more WATER may make you FEEL FULLER, and for LONGER periods of time!

Even though the quick eaters enjoyed a higher energy meal, they were hungrier and left feeling less satisfied than the slow eaters.


And they found their enjoyment and satisfaction of the meal, and EATING AFTER THE MEAL, was lower when the participants ate SLOWLY.

Now that you know that eating slowly may help you get skinny, here are some tips for SLOWING down your eating:

• Chew your food - make sure to take your time eating. Chewing slowly slows down your eating habits and may also help you enjoy your food. Try chewing your food 20 to 30 times to slow down your eating.

• Put your fork down - putting your fork down also allows you to chew your food slowly and enjoy your food.

• Drink more water - having more water in between bites fills up your stomach, allowing you to reduce the amount of food you eat during a meal because you feel full.

• Portion Distortion - watch the amount of food you put on your plate. This will help limit the amount of calories available to you, resulting in less calories going in your mouth. Also, stay away from the temptation of going back for seconds or thirds.

The Tortoise Always BEATS The Hare

Eating slowly may help you lose weight and keep the weight off.

Eating slowly allows you to enjoy your food more, leaving you feeling full and satisfied.

Eating may be a pleasurable experience for some; and, eating slowly may INCREASE the pleasure you experience from eating a healthy and nutritious meal.

Include these tips the next time you sit down and eat to help you control your calorie intake, and allow for your brain to really know when you are FULL and speed up your METABOLISM!

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