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Fitness Training Certification
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You’ve come to this website because you care.

You are the kind of professional that children, youths, teenagers and young athletes need.

And the timing couldn’t be better or more perfect.

We are spiraling down a very deep and dark hole.

Young athletes are being injured and their dreams of sporting success shattered.

Kids worldwide are experiencing the mental pain and emotional anguish of being overweight or obese – some as young as toddlers.

Inactivity reigns supreme in our new world.

And hope is quickly fading for our youngest and important generation.

The Revolution Has Started

You likely know by now that the International Youth Conditioning Association is the world’s leader in the world of youth fitness and sport development.

But what you may not know is that there are currently over 5000 IYCA Certified Professionals worldwide leading the charge working with young athletes and youth fitness participants.

And while 5000 is a big number, it doesn’t begin to meet the demand of the fastest growing segment of the fitness industry.

There has never been an opportunity quite like this in our profession’s history… and you are about to become the beneficiary…

I’ve already told you, but I’m going to tell you again.

This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

The chance to become a leader in the Youth Fitness and Sport Training Industry.

An industry that even mainstream publications like ‘Entrepreneur Magazine’ has recognized among “the biggest growth markets in the world”.

Not only do you get to become a Youth Fitness Specialist and take a leadership role in an emerging field, but you also get the chance to alter the course of your career and life forever.

Not many Youth Fitness Training Certification opportunities can be that bold and suggest that they can truly be life changing…but as you’ve read from just an handful of our IYCA Youth Fitness Specialists, this Certification and this Organization are different…

The International Youth Conditioning Association is the premier international authority with respect to Youth Fitness & Youth Sports Training. World-class education and globally recognized certification credentials for any Trainer, Coach, Parent or Medical Professional who works with young athletes and youth fitness participants aged 6 - 18.

P.S. – You are responsible for the success of the athletes you commit to developing. You can keep doing what you’ve always done or you can commit to being better and a coach and helping them reach their potential as athletes.

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