Flexibility And Recovery

by Sue
(Los Angeles, California)

Train hard, rest hard. You cannot continue to perform well if you never allow your body the opportunity to heal and regenerate itself.

Foam Rolling is one of my favorite activities. It is a form of "Soft-Tissue" massage that can be very beneficial for recovery and regeneration. It helps alleviate soreness and makes your muscles feel better. We do need to work those "knots" in the muscle, which often arise from inactivity or repetitive activities, in order to restore the muscle to its original length.

You can plan short 5-10 minute sessions into your daily routine. Recovery and regeneration days can be built into your workout week, maybe working hard four days a week, a couple of recovery, regeneration, and flexibility work and one day off. Basically, there are recovery strategies for any amount of time you have to give, so maake sure they are a planned part of your programming for your clients, your patients, and yourself.


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