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"Is functional youth nutrition important for success?" Let's start from a common point and ask a most common question...

"Have you ever asked your athletes what they eat each day?"

Don't worry. Here's the answer:


Don't put junk fuel into your body!

With all the things I have to worry about during your average day and/or practice, taking on the eating habits of teenagers seems like an overwhelming addition to my already overscheduled day.

I'm betting you can relate.

But when you step back and think about it, it's actually "worse" to ignore it. Leaving them on their own just means they're not going to eat breakfast (or they consider coffee a suitable breakfast), not going to drink enough water, eat whatever junk they serve for school lunch and then show up for practice hungry, tired and emotionally fried.

So is it reasonable to expect them to run tough workouts? Pay attention to another adult blabbering at them about some topic they're only partially interested in? Execute highly technical movements?

Sadly, no.

As much as we'd both love to live in a world where if you ignore something, it magically goes away, we can't ignore our athletes' "terrible nutrition".

Because we put too much time into planning practices and setting standards of excellence to let something fundamental like our athletes' fuel source just get swept under the rug.

I used to think nutrition was complicated. So I ignored it and hoped it would go away. It didn't.

If you focus on just a handful of basic concepts, your athletes will show up to practice with a lot more energy and your time will be much more productive. The place that functional youth nutrition plays in improving optimal physical needs to be more clearly understood. Nutrition is the process of absorbing and utilizing nutrients in a manner that will promote optimal physical wellness and support the body and its many functions.

If you want to end the confusion of nutrition and increase your value as a trainer and coach, along with increasing your credibility & knowledge, then I suggest you clock on the blue button below...

It Is Now Time To Get Results!

You'll realize that you can handle this nutrition thing and that it'll make your athletes and your program better.

To your success,

Robert Nelson

P.S. There are countless areas in our programs that we could improve in order to get better results. This year, make functional youth nutrition for sports and everyday life one of them. It's worth it.