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Functional golf strength training workouts should be an integral part of any golf improvement program. Skipping this will not help you reach your true potential. Golfers who exercise usually play better golf. It's not the other way around. Which would be people who workout play great golf. NOT! You've obviously got to be a golfer first, then the conditioning program pays off.

Golf Specific Strength Training Will Not Make You Muscle Bound

Don’t believe that when you use golf strength training that it makes you muscle bound with no flexibility. That’s what the wimps say to justify their own lack of strength, and strength training has been shown to improve the game even of 80 year olds. I know, because I have helped people in that age group with my strength training routines. Properly designed golf strength training exercises give you a competitive edge over your competitors that is directly related the extra strength you build by using them.


Studies have shown that if you use golf strength training twice a week, you will significantly increase your club head speed and the distance you hit the ball. Unless you are a professional golfer, it has been demonstrated clearly that the distance of your drive is directly connected to your handicap. The shorter the chip to the green for an ordinary player, the more likely they are to make par.

However, not just any golf strength training program will help. It has to be golf specific, building up the muscles you use when playing golf. The easy way to do that is to find exercises that you can use to apply more weight and strength to the shots you play. You can hold a dumbbell as you would your golf club and try a swing with it. It will seem awkward at first, but you will get used to it, and will be swinging with a weight, rather than your lighter club. This strengthens the muscles you use during your swing.

You can also use a weighted training club, exercise tubing or a medicine ball. Attach the tubing to a door, for example, and swing with it. It provides resistance and that is what builds up your muscles. Alternatively, swing using a weighted medicine ball. All of these exercises are golf specific, and exercise and strengthen the muscles you use in golf. You won’t end up muscle bound, but if you combine these with gold specific flexibility exercises then you will find that they will have a remarkable impact upon your game.

Rotational Power In Your Core

The key to power in your golf swing is rotation. The more torque you can build up in your core on the backswing (full turn) equals a higher clubhead speed and more power at impact. Improving your strength from a core rotational standpoint is your answer to longer drives than ever before!

Core training is just that. Working on your core (abdominals) with resistance to improve power. Core strength for golf can be improved by using weighted medicine balls, exercise tubing, stability balls and dumbbells. Nothing more! The important thing to remember is making each core movement as similar to your golf swing as possible.


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