Groin pain; Groin strain; Groin pull injury; or Adductor strain. Call it what you want, the fact is, it's a very common muscle strain injury that currently plagues sports like soccer, basketball, football, hockey, track & field and racquet sports.

The groin, described as the junction between the lower limbs and torso, is vulnerable to a lot of different injuries. Hernias, stress fractures, and avulsion fractures are all common injuries that affect the groin, but for this issue we'll be focusing on one of the most common groin injuries; groin pull or groin strain.

In this issue I'm going to take a slightly different approach to the way I usually write these articles. Firstly, I'm going to talk briefly about what a groin pull is, what causes a groin pull and what to do to prevent a groin pull. Then I'm going to reproduce a detailed management plan for the correct treatment and complete rehabilitation of a groin strain.

This detailed management plan comes from one of my old university text books, called Modern Principles of Athletic Training by Daniel D. Arnheim. It's one of those 900 page door-stoppers, but it's the book I refer to most for information on sports injury prevention and rehabilitation. It's extremely detailed and a valuable resource for anyone who works in the health and fitness industry. So...

What is a Groin Pull? Depending on the severity, a groin pull can range from a slight stretching,

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