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Works Can Really Happen

"Ever wonder about making a website?" You and I likely use the Internet several times a day, maybe more. It’s amazing that “Google” has become a verb in our language. If we want to know something we google it; we don’t look in a book anymore, we likely don’t even phone an expert until we’ve visited several websites. The best part, just about any hair-brained thing you want to know is instantly at your fingertips.

Every day we’re inundated with media, our phones, Facebook, radio, TV, you name it. Each day we’re also randomly thinking about ourselves, for the topic of our conversation we’ll focus on those thoughts of how we feel about ourselves, what we look like.

In all the media we’re exposed to we naturally gravitate to the things that resonate with those thoughts we’re having. For example, if we want to lose weight we note things regarding weight loss, if we want to look younger, well you get the point.

If something catches our attention it because it appeals to the emotions tied to the thoughts we’ve been having, whatever caught our attention undoubtedly leads to curious questions, next thing you know we’re Googling.

So you see you don’t go looking for weight loss practitioners initially, you go looking for answers to those curious questions. Once people happen across their answer, if they find it helpful in some way then they want to know who it is that they now find themselves listening to.

It is at this POINT, where people actually find and use your website.

Next if they feel they might resonate with you then they’re going to look to see what other say about you, so yes make that testimonials section obvious, and try to include as many testimonials as you can with the boldest emotional statement from each one as the headline.

Finally if you pass the acid test for all of those sections now they’ll visit your services and find out exactly what it is you do and offer.

Have a look at your website to see if it models well with this criteria and flow. If not make a few changes and see what happens over the next ninety days, I suspect you won’t be disappointed.

"Why I chose Site Build It! for making a Website?"

The thought of developing a website came to me when I was thinking of - "How can I duplicate myself and be available 24/7"? I know I have great ideas that will be a major benefit to all who are seeking solutions to their problems! I know that I have passion for helping people that are seeking direction in being successful without wasting their valuable time.

My beautiful wife kept on insisting that I truly "Under Value" myself and that I have more potential to be very good at what I do. She also noted that I work very hard for her and the family but for some reason can't seem to get ahead. "How can I continue to struggle and not get ahead?"

The only way that I could accomplish what I wanted to do is make a website that works! I realize that you can’t just create any website and forget about it. It has to be structured properly and it has to be a living, breathing, entity that continues to evolve. This time I decided to build my own and searched the net for a suitable "Do It on Your Own" program. I literally stumbled upon SITE BUILD IT.

I browsed through the list of successful SBI websites which rank in the top 1% of the sites on the net and was amazed at the diversity of topics about which people built websites. I knew straight away that I found something magical, very genuine and something that was going to give me the tools and skills to do this on my own.

Now, as my children will tell you, I am not the most computer literate person on the planet, and when I told them that I was going to develop my own professional website using SBI, they nearly rolled off their chairs laughing.

What I like about my SBI website is that the plan is simple, provided that you follow SBI website building instructions.

Originally I wanted to make a website, where over the long term, I could develop a business that I could do at my leisure and help other people improve their health and well-being.

Secondly, I wanted to cushion myself from future economic downturns as we are currently experiencing. Site Build It is not a way of earning a fortune in a couple of months like some schemes being touted over the internet.

Not only has my SBI website given me the opportunity to tell my story, but has given me the opportunity to generate income from sources such as Google AdSense and affliliate programs.

For business owners a huge amount of money is currently spent on expensive telephone directory advertising which is showing less and less return for money. For a fraction of the cost you can have your own sbi website and watch your business steadily grow especially if you are a local business owner.Solo Build It is suitable for a multitude of activities, such as retirees or those being forced into taking redundancy packages, stay at home moms, students, webmasters, network marketers and a host of other activities. Combine your ideas with Solo Build It and have a winning combination.

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