From Non-Runner to Marathon Runner

Functional Marathon Training

Can anyone go from not being able to run a mile to completing a marathon? Here are some valuable marathon training tips anyone can use.

The Ultimate Challenge

When you find yourself becoming sluggish from spending workdays at your desk realizing that on most days your only physical activity consists of walks to the bathroom. Noticing that having a desk job makes staying fit a challenge, you decide to get back in shape and cross an item off one of your life's to-do list by saying to yourself - "I need a real challenge!"

You want something that will really test yourself and see how far you could go, physically and mentally. It all of a sudden, wanting to run in a marathon becomes the ultimate goal.

It is something that you knew you wanted to do at some point in your life. After some honest training, you may just cross your first marathon finish line. "SO, WHERE DOES SOMEONE WITH THIS VISION BEGIN?"

Regardless of your age and ability, successful marathon training takes careful planning and preparation.

How much preparation?

Whether your goal is to run sub 3 hours or 'just' to finish, ideally you need to give yourself enough time to gain experience that marathon runners need to be successful. To define success is to be able to enjoy running and stay injury free, that is as simple as that.

"Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced runner?" If you're a complete beginner (i.e. with little or no recent running experience), ideally you need allow a good 6 months to slowly build up your mileage. More specifically, as a beginner, you should be fit - capable of jogging 2-3 miles with no problems.

The intermediate and advanced runners assume to have a solid running base beyond 6 months to begin with. As an intermediate, you should be running 3-5 days per week covering 20-25 miles. You should also have at least some half-marathon experience. Advanced runners should be currently running 30-40 miles per week, over 5-6 sessions, have considerable marathon experience, should comfortably be able to run at least 10 miles, and be well used to training for such an event.

If you are looking for a functional marathon training program that is innovative and delivers results, you have come to the correct place. You will double your results in half the time.

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If you plan to compete in a marathon within the next 6-12 months or just want to run for the benefit of good health and fun (regardless of your experience level), I recommend you give this a go...

Functional Marathon Training Program