Maximum Velocity Training
"Learn How To Float"

Today I want to talk to you about maximum velocity training or top speed training . No matter the athletes choice of sport, the reality is there are going to be points where athletes break away with good acceleration and they need to be able to maintain it. When you see an athlete getting run down or whatever, the key is the athlete that slows down the slowest is actually going to be the one that wins. Athletes need to learn how to float as we call it. "When it comes to floating, you can only hold top speed for one to two seconds maximum. Floating is a difficult skill to learn. We have to learn how to slow down slower and that comes from being able to run at top speed and practice that. The real the point I want to share with you is that we can only hold top speed for a second or two so we have to learn how to relax when we're running or athletes are going to very quickly run out of gas.

What I want to do is to show you exactly what I do to develop the float. There's a cue I like to say and it is called "MAXIMUM SPEED, MINIMUM EFFORT". I think that's a great cue. It sounds kind of intuitive but that's really the way it has to be done. Of course it's covered in the complete speed training program. What athletes try to do is try to keep getting faster for the entire duration of their running so this is especially the case when we talk about track and field athletes in particular because they'll go out and try to run a 200 and sprint the whole thing. Well, that's just not physically possible. That doesn't work so we have to make the change to allow the best opportunities to succeed to take place. That's what we talk about with maximum velocity training so there are some cues that you can use that teach the float at least conceptually and athletes have to experience it. Again, this is not just for track athletes. You should do this with your other athletes in other sports as well because the goal is to make better overall athletes.

Maximum velocity training is an important critical factor for you so make sure you know how to teach it to your athletes. Of course all this is explained in the complete speed training program.