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Muscle Building Supplements At Their Best! JayLab Pro Nutrition was not only founded by fitness professionals, it’s only available through fitness professionals. Believe us, you don’t want an uneducated store clerk earning minimum wage (plus commission we might add) selling you junk you don’t need. Or worse, selling you something dangerous. The fitness professionals who sell JayLab Pro only care about one thing: YOU!

Have you come looking for magic pills and quick fixes? Sorry, as fitness professionals we know quick fixes don't exist.
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Our beliefs are concrete. We believe a sound exercise program and proper eating, combined with JayLab Pro products to fill in the nutritional “gaps,” create the dynamic body and life you deserve.

Who doesn’t claim their products are the best? Again, when we created these products we knew we would be taking them ourselves. As fitness professionals, why wouldn’t we?

YOU want to do what is best for your body by giving it the highest quality fuel made from the purest ingredients. That is exactly what JayLab Pro delivers. Don’t trust your health and well-being to cheaply made synthetic vitamins from your local superstore. Your health is too important. Consume high quality muscle building supplements that are A-Rated and tested to ensure quality.

Our unrivaled JayLab Pro Anti-Aging products are designed to help you feel better and give you more energy, so you live a vibrant, happy life.

If you are a serious athlete or a very experienced fitness enthusiast you'll find some of the best muscle building supplements right here. Another example of Sports Nutrition Education At Its Best! Many people know that better Sports Nutrition education is the key to achieve the results they want. You need to consume balanced meals and spread them throughout the day. That's a no-brainer. But what many people don't know, or tend to forget, is that the absolute Most Important meal of the day is the recovery (or post- competition) meal. Prograde Workout, which got a glowing review in Men's Fitness by the way, will provide all the pre and JayLab Pro Pre/Post Workout Nutrition you need.

We understand what it is like to want to build muscle fast. JayLab Pro Nutrition was started by fitness professionals who have helped over 100,000 people get firm, tone and trim.

Take a look at our top muscle building supplements and discover how to turn your body into a Fat Burning machine with some of the best weight loss supplements.

Active Core Complex for Men and Active Core Complex for Women is our whole foods multi that provides all your essential vitamins and minerals coming from 25 fruits, vegetables and greens. This isn't a synthetic pill that your body has to try and digest. You are getting these nutrients from 25 real foods. The benefit of 25 whole fruits, vegetables and greens is that your body will absorb and utilize these nutrients efficiently so that your metabolism can run at peak efficiency and burn more calories for weight loss.

JayLab Pro Omega Icon is our krill oil based essential fatty acid product which is perfect for someone looking to rev up your metabolism. Research is starting to show that essential fatty acids may help with blocking the formation of fat cells, helping your body use fat for energy, and potentially increasing your metabolism by burning more calories per day. Not to mention all the other great health benefits from consuming Omega Icon.

JayLab Pro Rejuvenator
In fact, the high-octane extract blend of coffeeberry, pomegranate, green tea, acai berry, and wolfberry and Biovin grape is so powerful, you'd have to consume an entire POUND of raspberries to nourish your body with the same ORAC value of 1458 found in just ONE capsule of Rejuvenator!

JayLab Pro Gluco Guardian dietary supplement is intended to serve as a simple tool for helping you “exercise” your metabolism, raise your calorie-burning rate and get you into the negative fat balance territory where fat loss actually occurs.

Jaylab Pro Lean is the safe, all-natural performance drink that serious athletes/fitness enthusiasts all over are buzzing about -- and for good reason. It’s loaded with just the right ingredients, in just the right amounts. Hence the name, Jaylab Pro Lean!

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