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Yes, that is correct. Online Fitness Training Resources that will help you make more money online! Training exclusively online and/or support your in-person clients through your own Fitness Generator Technology. Get new clients and retain more of the ones you already have without any extra training session time.

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Fitness Generator is more than just an online fitness training service, we partner with our members to help ensure their success. We offer the highest level of customization and flexibility that you can find. We strive to give our member trainers full control of their Fitness Generator website so they can customize it to match their individual needs and styles so their clients don't feel like they are visiting a "cookie-cutter" fitness training site.

Fitness Generator helps you take your fitness business online to a whole new level! Fitness Generator will help you to provide your clients with the extra attention that they need by offering 24/7 access to unique workout plans, nutrition info, workout logs, exercise demonstrations (computer animations) and correct form instructions, fitness articles, healthy recipes, fitness tips, message boards and more.

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