Maximize Protection From
Oxidative Free Radicals


Oxidative Free Unstable Radicals are a specific type of molecule that can damage muscle tissue, fats, and DNA within cells. The most common free radicals in the body are created from oxygen. Think of oxygen as the body's ATM for funding every metabolic transaction. Oxygen is needed to make the human heart beat, the digestive system needs it to absorb nutrients from the food we consume, and helps our muscles to contract to produce functional movements needed. Oxygen is found in every molecule of water (which makes makes up 70% of the body). It is true the human body must metabolize a great deal of oxygen when an athlete or fitness enthusiast works out. As the oxygen molecules are metabolized, they either partner up with other molecules in the body or remain unpaired. These unpaired "loners" are oxidative free radicals - FREE because they are not bonded to other molecules, RADICALS because their chemical structure makes them unstable and prone to react with other substances. During physical activity, oxygen helps muscles utilize proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to help athletes or fitness enthusiasts run faster, lift more resistance, and work for extended periods of time at high levels.

Our Health Is Dependent On Our Cells' Health

Not so long ago, diseases were accepted as unfortunate but inevitable facts of life. We now know that diseases are not "caught" but are caused by what we eat or don't eat.

We as humans don't actually age, we don't get sick and we don't get diseases - our cells do! Our body's health is dependent on our cells' health. So to slow down aging, limit sickness and prevent disease we must protect and properly feed our cells. Cells are made up of many atoms. When these atoms are healthy the cell replicates and keeps the body young, well and disease free. What allows the atom to be healthy is that it has "paired" electrons.

How Do CELLS Age And Get Diseases?

Atoms missing an electron are not just "bad" - they actually destroy surrounding atoms buying stealing their electrons. This is what a free radical is - an atom missing an electron. These radicals will have short term and long term effects. The results of not having this electron is altering and or destroying other cells. Cells that die, and cells that replicate in a damaged state are the cause or contribute to premature aging, sickness and diseases such as high cholesterol, heart disease, osteoporosis and many others. Over time, the damage to the tissues and organs accumulates and the pace of cellular mutations accelerates, eventually reaching a point where the body can't repair or dispose of damaged cells fast enough. The results can be life threatening!

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Maximize Your Protection From
Oxidative Free Radicals

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