Prograde Metabolism
Will Keep Your Metabolism In
“Exercise Mode”

Everyone’s Talking About The Same Thing

“Slim down”, “lean up”, “drop a few pounds” –whichever words you use to talk about losing weight, you’re ultimately describing the same thing: reducing body fat.

Your body can be divided into two tissue compartments: fat mass and lean mass. Fat mass includes body fat, also known as adipose tissue. Lean mass includes skeletal muscle.

Few of us want to lose muscle when we lose weight. If anything, we’re in a constant struggle to hold on to it as we age.

Body fat, in contrast, is something we strive to get rid of.

Besides affecting how you look in a swimsuit and your level of comfort in front of cameras, body fat impacts your so-called “metabolic health” and, in turn, your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

This May Be The Most Important Secret

Perhaps the most important secret to losing body fat is “exercising” your metabolism. Physical activities like walking, lifting weights, swimming and the like can push your metabolism to work harder and thereby burn more calories.

And increasing your calorie-burning rate (a.k.a. metabolic rate) is the first step towards achieving negative fat balance, a technical term for the state of affairs in which your body is burning more fat than it’s storing.

No matter how hard you work out or how healthy you eat, if you’re not in negative fat balance, then you’re not losing body fat.

Of course, at some point during the day most of us have to stop exercising in the conventional sense of the word and make a living. The moment you do that (or consume a meal), your calorie-burning rate plummets and it becomes far more difficult to achieve negative fat balance.

This presents a problem: Similar to how you gain body fat when you remain in positive fat balance for a long period of time, losing fat requires that you remain in negative fat balance for a long period of time.

For most mortals, working out all day isn’t an option.

Fortunately, there are natural products capable of keeping your metabolism “exercising” at rest, thereby elevating your calorie-burning rate and making it easier to achieve negative fat balance.

Keep Your Metabolism In “Exercise Mode”

If METABOLISM were an actual piece of exercise equipment, it would be a high-speed treadmill, one of those commercial kinds with the four-horsepower-plus motor. (Fortunately, it is much smaller than a treadmill.)

Indeed, a team of ingredients like this has the potential to do great things to your metabolism, particularly as it concerns reducing body weight.*

However, if your goal is to swallow a few capsules with water, sit back and watch the pounds drop off without paying attention to your diet or exercise habits, then please don’t buy it.

It wasn’t designed with you in mind.

Who METABOLISM is designed for is for those of us who intend on using it as an effective adjunct to a diet containing an appropriate amount of Calories and a regular program of exercise, the latter preferably including plenty of resistance exercise.*

When used in this manner, the results you experience are likely to be much, much greater

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