Prograde workout is a specially-designed performance nutrition supplement that will help you recover faster from a workout, perform better during your workout and give you an edge before your workout commences.

If you had to choose just one time to take Prograde Workout because you prefer to eat whole food, or because you’re following a specific dietary plan, immediately post-workout would be the best.

You see, following your workout, especially a demanding workout involving fast endurance exercise or intense resistance exercise, your muscles are primed to take up nutrients. The two nutrients that your muscles benefit most greatly from are carbohydrates and protein.

The simple carbohydrates in Prograde workout replenish blood glucose levels that may have dropped during your workout session. And, as many can attest, low blood sugar levels after your workout lead to irritability and hunger (“Give me food now!”), fatigue (“I need a nap”), jitteriness, and an excessive drive for food several hours following. These carbohydrates also rapidly stimulate insulin production from your pancreas which is one of the major signals for muscle repair and growth – two events you want to happen as soon as possible. This anabolic response isn’t just for bodybuilders either , it’s for anyone looking to make any progress in terms of strength and stamina in their exercise routine.

Then, the easy-digesting protein in Prograde Workout supplies the amino acids that are the building blocks for repair of your damaged muscle. With any challenging activity (and all your workouts should be a challenge in order to lose fat, build lean muscle and improve your fitness), your muscles are slightly damaged, so these amino acids are there to play doctor and fix the broken muscle fibers. Science shows us that carbohydrate and protein work together to promote the fasted muscle recovery so that you can return to your next exercise session in a timely manner.

If you don’t care about muscle repair and recovery, one important point to consider is that when consumed within 45 minutes of your workout, Prograde Workout can significantly prevent you from overeating in your next meals during the day. By swiftly returning your blood sugar levels to a steady state and quickly initiating the nutrient-directed process of recovery, your mind won’t take over and tell you to clean out your kitchen in order reach to a healthy homeostasis.

For those athletes and exercisers with very demanding workout routines, such as two or three sessions in one day, and most likely, little time to eat food, Prograde Workout is an excellent product to provide essential protein and necessary carbohydrates that help you excel throughout the day leaving no room for failure.

Here’s The Best News Of All...

This shake has a unique formula that puts everything your body needs after training all into one delicious shake. Designed to target every aspect of weight loss, recovery, lean muscle growth, strength, speed and essential nutrient replenishment.

What normally would take 6-7 different supplements to accomplish, this does it all in one serving. Best of all, there is no added fat or cholesterol to weigh you down, AND YOU’LL SWEAR YOU ARE DRINKING A TROPICAL DESSERT!

- Our customers say it is the best-tasting nutritional shake they’ve ever tasted

- Mixes easily with no clumping

- Increases lean muscle

- Increases nutrient absorption

- Prevents muscle breakdown

- Dramatically enhances quickness of muscle recovery

- Reduce extent of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

- Suppresses Cortisol hormone elevation

- Strengthens immune system function

- Replenishes muscle glycogen stores

- Enhances Cell Volumization

- Mixes instantly, no blender required

- No adverse side effects with your digestive system

- Perfect post-workout meal on the go

- Make your life easier: This delicious post-workout formula is easy to carry with you to the gym

- Use this simple formula immediately after your workout to help turn your body into a muscle-building, calorie-burning machine

- Powder so fine that you can even use a spoon to mix it with

- Generates extra energy for you that lasts all day

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- Research based carb/protein ratio for optimizing workouts

- Delicious easy-to-mix formula – ready to drink in less than 60 seconds

- Rapid absorption designed for maximum muscle recovery

- Accelerates lean tissue growth which raises metabolism

- Contains over 3 grams of BCAA's

- Low Temperature Microfiltered and Ion-Exchanged Whey Protein Isolates for unparalleled purity

- Powered with pharmaceutical quality whey protein

- Prograde Workout is Gluten Free

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