Speed And Agility Training

by Todd
(San Diego)

"What do I consider to be the most important component in Speed and Agility training?" When training speed, 1st step explosive power and acceleration is critical. This can be a game breaker!

"What are my favorite Speed and Agility exercises and why?" Two of my favorite exercises are Sled Pushes and Sled Pulls. These movements improve your start and acceleration and create powerful hip and leg drive. Anytime you can be on your feet and create angles similar to how you will be when actually sprinting and accelerating in sport, the better. These movements allow for an approximate 45 degree body angle, positive shin angles, and reinforce good acceleration mechanics.

"When do you implement Speed and Agility into your training program?" You should integrate these movements 2 times per week. Your athletes work in sets of about 25 yards, depending on the weight used on the sled.


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