Three Keys To
A Speedy Metabolism

Your metabolism can either be your very best friend, or it can be your worst enemy.

Some people naturally have fast metabolisms (you know, they’re the people who can eat ANYTHING and not gain a single pound).

And, as most of us know, there are people that have normal or even slow metabolisms.

This makes it that much harder to lose weight, keep the weight off, and maintain that healthy weight.


Because it just seems like everything you eat goes straight to your hips, butt, and thighs!

Am I right?

Although people’s metabolisms can change like the weather, there are some surefire ways you can SHOCK your metabolism and burn even MORE fat in the process.

Three Ways to Do It

Do you struggle with weight loss?

Or does it seem like your metabolism is slower than a snail’s crawl?

Well, I have news for you: you CAN change it!

You can experience greater fat loss…

More energy…

And, a skinny, leaner, sexier you! All you need to do is follow these THREE steps to shocking your system and speeding up your metabolism:

Metabolism Booster #1: Get More Protein

Protein is an important nutrient when it comes to weight loss.

First, protein provides the building blocks your body needs to build muscle.

You can expect to burn roughly SIX calories per pound of muscle (as opposed to TWO calories per pound of fat).

Secondly, higher protein boosts your meal satisfaction, which can prevent you from being hungry throughout the day.

This could lower your daily caloric intake. Result = speedier metabolism and less total calories per day.

Metabolism Booster #2: HIIT It Up

Tired of the same old cardio routine? Well, take it up a notch.

Include a few bouts of fast walking, jogging, or sprints into your workout for added fat burn.

Not only will you burn more fat this way (also prevent muscle breakdown), but you may even have a little more fun.

Altering your intensity can end up burning roughly 200 more calories PER WORKOUT than doing just cardio alone.

So spice up your boring cardio routine with some high-intensity interval training.

Metabolism Booster #3: Figure Out How Many Calories You Need in a Day

In order to boost your metabolism, lose weight, and lose fat, you need to know how many calories your body burns in a day.

Commonly referred to as your basal metabolic rate, this number will tell you how many calories you need just to survive in a day – plus maintain your current weight.

There are plenty of calculators online that can give you a pretty good estimate of what your basal metabolic rate is.

Once you have this number, subtract a few hundred calories (from diet and exercise), and watch the weight come off.

Now, don’t cut too many, or your body will tend to store fat and not lose it!

Three Ways To SHOCK Your System

If you want to lose more weight – and burn fat – then abiding by these THREE steps should help you along the way.

Boosting your lean muscle mass, upping your intensity, and cutting a few calories may stimulate and boost your metabolism.

This may result in greater weight loss, fitting into your skinny jeans, and have a sexy, lean, and trim body for years to come.

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