Why Do Athletes Need A
Sports Nutrition Education ?


Ask any typical sedentary individual why they eat, and the answer you get will be something along the lines of..."To Stay Alive" or "Because I Am Hungry." Others may add..."To Indulge Themselves." All well and good, but none of that has ANYTHING to do with WHY athletes eat.

There are many reasons why athletes eat, but all of them come down to just 1 common denominator...to WIN, and to EXCEL in the process.

For the athlete, the old saying..."You Are What You Eat" takes on a whole new meaning in the face of the incredible leap in sophistication the science of biochemical nutrition has taken over the past few years.

There are specific reasons that athletes need to improve the quality of their sports nutrition education. Let's look at the list:

* To increase energy for long term (aerobic) and short-term (anaerobic) muscular endurance.

* To replace substances in sweat loss.

* To build strength and power.

* To build lean tissue (muscle).

* To lose fat.

* To enhance general health and improve functioning of all body processes.

* To relieve pain.

* To stimulate mental concentration.

* To repair injuries and traumatized tissue.

* To speed recovery between workouts.

Just as no one food serves all these purposes, no one athlete eats for all these reasons at any one time. As for an example, if you are a bodybuilder whose goal is to maximize muscular size, your diet and supplements will differ from those of a triathlete who eats to increase aerobic endurance.

Your task in developing your Sports Nutrition Education Program is to evaluate your goals as they pertain to the above list and then apply the information to your reasons for eating.

To know what and how to eat, YOU MUST KNOW your specifc goals. Keep these goals in mind as you absorb the latest scientific information given below.

The age of athletic science is upon us. It doesn't just suffice anymore to take a haphazard approach to sports training while relying merely on natural talent and instinct to achieve athletic excellence. All athletes...from fitness enthusiasts and novice competitors to "Elite" athletes, can improve their performance capabilities, often dramatically, by applying state-of-the-art knowledge of training and nutrition.

Between nutrition and training, the field of nutrition presents the more complex and varied factors, as well as the most unknowns. But the "unknowns" are coming to light as scientific research demystifies the factors necessary for reliable Sports Nutrition.

Recent progress in the field of nutritional biochemistry has advanced our knowledge about WHAT to eat, HOW to eat, WHEN to eat. We're now equipped with the biochemical wherewithal to excel beyond current standards. In any age when the winning edge is often measured in milliseconds, YOU, the athlete, must apply every resource to gain that edge.

WHY you eat, then, is a question for which you must have adequate answers. These days, everybody who exercises or competes takes the training table seriously.

Achieve Better Athletic
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