Lose Fat and Gain Muscle
With Turbulence Training

If you're going to spend time and energy getting your body into great shape (either for a sport or general everyday life activities) you deserve to get the very best results for your efforts...

Instead of spending wasted hours sifting through the junk online, you might want to look at these articles. This is my short-list of outstanding strength training resources that cover everything from fat loss to muscle building.

It took a lot careful thought to get on this recommended list. I wouldn't choose any resource that isn't credible or useful. I IGNORE hype and use proven research to make my judgements.

So whatever your goals, save your time and get the results you want with one of these resources:

The Cardio Machine That Sucks
"I was using one of those machines for a long time and was wondering why I wasn't getting any results," the physician continued, "I'm so glad I found your program and now I'm using the bodyweight circuits from the Dumbell-Bodyweight Fusion Workout."

Burn Fat Fast with the Original Turbulence Training Workout
You know those people who always talk about their workouts, and yet when you go to the gym with them they actually look out of shape? Well, a similar scenario happened with Mike – a former client of mine and a self-proclaimed "gym buff"…

Build A Lean, Athletic Physique In Just 3 Short Workouts A Week
I went to the gym for one of my 45-minute workouts and quickly found myself surrounded by a bunch of weight belt wearing, orange juice carrying bodybuilders.

The Perfect Workout For Busy Gyms
Imagine you’re about to workout and suddenly notice it requires two different dumbbell weights or two different machines, used back to back without rest (a superset).

One Of The Most Intense Turbulence Training Workouts Ever
From weddings, to reunions to beach vacations, it seems there is always something to look good for. The trouble, however, is finding the one workout program to plough through that stubborn fat loss plateau and into the sculpted look you're after.

Cut Out the Fluff Exercises And Get More Results, Faster
You’ve probably used or at least seen a Bosu Ball in your gym before (those blue half balls with one flat side), but what you might not know is that they’re really just fluff exercises.

Arms That Are The Envy Of The Party
Imagine yourself preparing for a night out on the town. Being a warm summer’s eve and all, you confidently put on the sleeveless top that’s been collecting dust in the back of your closet. You head out and soon find yourself the object of a lot of attention - and the flattering kind too, I might add…