Stretching Injury Rehabilitation

Speed up Your Recovery With
The Right Type Of Stretching

Stretching Injury Rehabilitation
Choosing the right type of stretching during your rehabilitation program will have a tremendous effect on the speed of your recovery, while choosing the wrong type could lead to further injury and a very slow recovery.

So what type of stretching is best for which phase of the recovery process?

The recovery process of a soft tissue injury can be broken down into a number of phases and it's important that the right type of stretching be employed for each phase.

The First 72 Hours
Without a doubt, the most effective, initial treatment for soft tissue injury is the (R.I.C.E.R.) regime. This involves the application of (R) rest, (I) ice, (C) compression, (E) elevation and obtaining a (R) referral for appropriate medical treatment.

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Stretching Injury Rehabilitation