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Youth Fitness Training

"The essence of youth fitness training success when working with children is to teach and consider long-term development to be of far higher importance than any short-term gain." - Brian Grasso

The general public is steadily growing aware of the notion that physical fitness is an inclusive, rather than an exclusive concept. The International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) continues to advocate not only the importance of physical youth fitness for all young people, but is redefining how we understand and teach exercise.

Youth Physical Fitness And Regular Exercise Will Increase Cognitive And Emotional Functioning

Physical fitness and regular exercise have been shown to increase cognitive and emotional functioning yet, somehow, physical education is not a mandatory part of most individualized education programs (IEPs). Call it the ignorance of the education system, or the lack of access to good information about health and wellness. I call it a challenge, even an obligation for skilled fitness professionals to begin offering services and programs for this population.

The “How” of physical youth fitness involves a bit more detail than understanding fitness. Working with youth fitness populations requires patience, dedication, and an awareness of the related cognitive, emotional, and physical issues. Just as important, however, is a fitness professional's ability to be a motivator, to instill a joy of movement within each individual. When I began working with youth training, I had a working, but limited knowledge of this population. What I did have was a passion for bringing fitness to a few young people who never quite had the opportunity or proper programs to participate in.

If we are to revitalize the youth fitness industry in this country and others, special needs populations must be included. There is a generation of young people who find interacting with others extremely difficult and whose self-esteem is jeopardized by a lack of opportunity. As fitness professionals, we are empowered with the ability to foster self-efficacy and self-actualization each time we work with a young athlete. If a young child has only a single opportunity each day to feel a sense of accomplishment, make sure, as a fitness professional, the opportunity is with you.

If You’re Not Actively A Part Of The Fastest Growing Segment Of The Fitness Industry – Youth Fitness Training …You Need To Start Asking Yourself WHY??

Youth fitness training is rapidly becoming a popular segment of the fitness industry, and the services go beyond training soccer skills and vertical jumps. Physical fitness training and sports conditioning is, at a most basic level, the ability to overcome daily challenges and perform activities in a safe, efficient manner.